So who is Terri anyway? And why should you know her?

I spent my childhood feeling misunderstood, so I built my career making sure you don’t have to.


My superpower: 

Dreaming. Believing. Doing. And then sharing the stories of advocacy and triumph so you can do the same.

Terri Huggins [Hart] (she/her) is an award-winning journalist who lives in the constant state of an identity crisis: deciding if she aligns more with her maiden name (Huggins) or her married name (Huggins Hart) at any given moment. Nonetheless, she’s excelled in following her calling of telling the stories that need to be told and evoking emotions aligned with clear takeaways through her stories.

In the last 10 years, she’s had the opportunity to contribute meaningful reported stories and personal essays to publications including Real Simple, New York Times, Parents, Washington Post, Good Housekeeping, Essence, Better Homes and Gardens, and more. While she writes thoroughly reported stories about travel and personal finance, her primary focus is reported features with a mission to better understand and expose relationships, health advocacy, the emotional well-being of parents, and their respective intersections with race and culture.  Through it all, she continues to follow her hack for living life with no regrets: do what you love, give love, and lead with love and hopes you’ll learn to do the same.


Here's What I Offer:

I like to think of myself as the Queen of Expression. I write words. I say words. And help you find your words. And if you’re lucky, I’ll teach you a dance or two. 



If I’m being honest, my newsletter is sporadic at best. But when it does hit your inbox, expect to be feel uplifted seen and motivated to seek self awareness AND take action. 

I’ve got a few books in my head, but for now, I only have one written down. You can check out “Actionable Quotes: Your Favorite Quotes Don’t Work Unless You Do” here.  


As a NJ speaker, I’m open to addressing crowds for conferences, empowerment brunches, panels and workshops. Talk to me about delivering my most requested talks to your audience. Though speaking engagements in the NJ tri-state area are preferred, I am willing to travel.


I’ve had the pleasure of seeing my byline in nationally published magazines, websites and newspapers. 

Freelance Advice

Long before business coaching was popular, I was giving advice, speaking on panels, and offering personalized guidance for those looking to start writing for the media. If you are looking to break into freelance writing, talk to me about learning the ropes. 


I’m not just an optimist, I’m really good at listening. Lifting people up is just one of my specialities. So if you need some encouragement, sign up for a quick chat with me. 

What's New With Terri...

I was on a panel

In June, I had the pleasure of moderating the parenting panel for the Autism in Black conference. You can purchase the replays of it here. 

It's time for Black Mom Chat VIP days

For the months of August/September, I’m hosting VIP Black Parent Fireside Chats at various daycares, doctor offices, etc. These chats will help provide Black women and parents a safe space to be seen and heard. At the conclusion of events, the provider will receive a summary sharing anonymous concerns so they can hopefully learn how to better serve their Black patients/clients. Want me to come to your facility for a VIP day? Let’s chat. 

I'm launching something new!

From personal experience, being a Black First Generation American is a whole identity crisis. And apparently I’m not alone in that feeling. Late this summer, I’ll be launching,Beautiful Brown Voices,  a place for first Gen Americans who also identify as Woman of Color to share their personal identity struggle via a Q & A format. If this sounds like you and you want to be part of it, fill out this form here. If you’re interested in reading when it’s launched, sign up here.