I'm not just a Writer/Journalist...

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I'm a public speaker too...

I am no stranger to the stage. Since the age of 3, when I made my debut dancing to the Penguin Tap, the stage has become my second home. My goal is to make my audience feel at home too. I’ve been told that I have a knack for making people feel seen and heard through my talks. I particularly excel delivering speeches to millennial audiences that help them feel understood and motivated to put a plan in motion following the actionable tips in each of my speeches.

My Hallmark Discussions:

For a Successful Marriage, Never Fall in Love with Your Spouse

In nearly 10 years of marriage and 15 years together, I have NEVER fallen in love with my husband. And yes, we are still happily married. It’s wild when you think about it. Two broke college students turned thriving professionals with careers, lives and friends of their own still together and HAPPY after all these years. While we may have wavered, we both managed to maintain our sense of self through it all. Our story isn’t the norm. I hear far too many wives saying that not only is their marriage lacking, but they don’t know who they are anymore. My husband and I avoided that issue by resisting the norms of most relationships by never falling in love.

This session will not only cover why falling in love should never be the goal, but attainable tips on how level up yourself in the process. 

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Confession: I Never Fell in Love with My Husband

How to get started as a Freelancer writer while avoiding burnout in the Gig Economy

The gig economy and freelancing is nothing new. I’ve been doing it since I left school in 2010. And before that my immigrant parents held multiple side gigs to make ends meet in America. 

The burnout and unrealistic expectations aren’t new either. And it’s only new because American society has never taught us, yet alone mentioned how to make it work. Instead, everything from higher education, core curriculums and sage old advice from parents and loved ones focus solely on how to be a good employee. 

In this session, I’ll discuss exactly how to find balance as a freelancer, determine what gigs and assignments to take on as well as how to build relationships so you aren’t constantly on the hunt for the next “gig”. While my expertise is more geared towards freelance writers, much of it can be applied to other side work as well. 

This can be delivered as a live speaking event with traditional audience or a hands on workshop in which I give personalized advice. 

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What College Didn’t Teach you About Freelancing and the Gig Economy


Self Care Tips for Moms That Don't Suck

For the last six years since since becoming a mother myself, I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with many moms and experts about their motherhood experience. When speaking with them, one thing is made abundantly clear: They are all sick and tired of the B.S. None of them are looking for the self care advice that is out of touch with reality. (EX: Sleep when people sleeps only works when you can do laundry when baby does laundry too.)  Unfortunately, that’s all they seem to get.

During this session, I’ll be able to share relatable and attainable advice that I’ve picked up over the years from personal experience as a mother of 5 and 2 year old as well as what I’ve learned speaking to various experts over the years. 

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I'm a NJ Panelist and Moderator too!

In addition to speaking I’m available to moderate, appear on panels and host workshops on the following:

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I'm a Central New Jersey based journalist and speaker available to give presentations on the following:

- Breaking into the Media
- How to craft your story
- Pitch workshops
- Motivation and Personal Growth
- Parenting
- How to get started as a Freelance Writer
I'm also available to participate on panels or moderate the following topics:

- Imposture Syndrome
- Self Care for Women
- Race, culture and diversity
- Parenting and the intersection of Race