TERRIfic Fitness

Did you know I’m also a fitness instructor? Since, 2012 I’ve been dedicated to helping participants build their confidence and love their body one booty shake at a time. And I’d be happy to do the same for you and your group.

Aqua Zumba

Yes, a pool party can be a workout. If you are familiar with Zumba, you’ll love Aqua Zumba. It’s the low impact, high energy dance fitness class in the water. You get the same toning and calorie burn you do in a traditional Zumba class while being easier on your joints.

aqua zumba

Liquid Motion

Liquid Motion is a sensual floor work class that utilizes dance theory and movement exploration to help release and relax tense muscles. It’s a  estorative session that makes you feel sexy and comfortable in your skin.


By far, the most popular and recognizable format I teach. Zumba is a Latin based dance fitness class in which easy to follow choreography delivers an effective total body workout. With insanely good music and simple dance steps, it’s the perfect workout for people who hate working out. Ditch the workout and join the party.



VeraFlow is the total mind body class that gets you in your flow naturally. A combination of dance, stretch and mindful exercises help you feel lifted, rested and enlongated. The many modifications in this class make it accessible for anyone from the elderly to those who are pregnant.


It’s the rockout workout. Why simply listen to the music when you can become the music? With the help of weighted drumsticks that we like to call Ripstix, participants can drum their way into a healthy relationship with their body. You bring the yoga mat, I’ll bring the sticks.

Have I piqued your interest?

Hire me so we can dance our way to a healthy body or just have a good time.
I’m available for corporate events, team building events, nursing home socials, girl scout events, hotel fitness activities, birthday parties, charities, group performances.

Rates start at $75 per class.